5* Rixos Premium Hotel

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Without a doubt, this waterfront property with its new, fresh, upbeat design and relaxed luxury, delivers an impressive statement in style and functionality to the coastal town of Dubrovnik. 

We have been undertaking this large-scale renovation project with a wide range of scopes. From changing the look and the functionality of the vast main lobby, the 3-meal restaurant, the sports bar, the Umi teppanyaki restaurant, the pool and fitness facility, as well as to the large Anjana spa with tea lounge and concept store. This was all achieved through a collective collaboration and humbling efforts by international teams in its entirety within 8 months (during the Coronavirus), from start to completion. 

The expansive open-plan hotel needed a perfect balance between aesthetic elegance and architectural prowess in order to create effortless luxury and blissful comfort. Playing of the term and symbolic meaning of “Libertas”, we created a place where people enjoy freedom and a sense of belonging. “Libertas” also means happiness and lightness, which was translated to the vast open space lobby. A livingroom for locals and tourists alike. Every part was accomplished through architectural integrity and structural purity and combining playful design elements with comfortable furniture. 

Located right on the beautiful Adriatic Sea, the indoor and outdoor spaces are integrated in complete harmony, where the endlessly changing vistas of clouds, sky and sea enhances the dreamy holiday vibes. The color scheme is playing off the light and warm colors of the natural surrounding of Dubrovnik. Light color hues in white, beige, Adriatic blues, goldish-yellow and greens are predominant. The terrazzo floors are exclusively created for the hotel and show beautiful marble flower inlays to underline our design. Luxurious textiles and warm, colorful accents define the scheme.

The Rixos Premium Hotel Libertas offers now a state-of-the-art luxury that is so coveted for a perfect getaway.


  • Type
    5 Star Hotel
  • Scope of Work
    Renovation of Lobby, Teppanyaki Restaurant, 3-meal Restaurant, Sports-Bar, Spa Area, Pool & Fitness
  • Year
    2019 - 2020
  • Client
    Rixos Hotels
  • 3D Image
    Dreisicht GmbH

"Now the overall design offers unique spaces, always with a warm and unexpected personal touch that will make one feel right at home."

Ina Rinderknecht