Villa «Savoja»

Lake Como, Italy

In close collaboration with the architectural studio, Fabio Bianchi, we are developing the sophisticated interiors for this magnificent lakeside villa. We have been given a unique opportunity to bring back the grandeur of the original house, while infusing it with a modern sensibility.

A true architectural masterpiece, the house was built in 1857 by the engineer Giovanni Savoja, and has influenced many other properties in the area with its central tympanum and round window in the center.

The villa is located on the shores of Lake Como, at a level almost equal to that of the waters. This gives the building a very unique view, where the lake seems to be an integral part of the building.  


  • Type
  • Location
    Lake Como, Italy
  • Scope of Work
    Interior Architecture, Furnishing and Styling
  • Year
    2021 - 2022
  • Client
  • Partner
    Bianchi Fabio Architetto, Como-Italy
  • 3D Images
    Alessandro Rossi Images