Historic Country Estate «Landgut»

Canton of Zurich, Switzerland

The villa and it’s large park (estate) dates back to 1914, when it was built by Rudolf Walder and his wife Berta Walder-Baumann with the architects Müller & Freytag from Zürich. Walder was a manufacturer of silk fabrics. Berta Walder-Baumann was the daughter of the silk trader Kaspar Baumann-Zürrer. The formal architectural garden was designed by landscape architect Ernst Klingelfuss.

The estate has been listed in the historical building register in 1993. Large parts of the interior had not been altered in the past 100 years. That’s why most of the original wallpapers, upholstered walls, curtains, lamps and furniture has endured over time. 

The estate, previously used as a single-family home, was adapted and expanded. During the week the estate is being used for seminars and meetings for company guests, while on the weekends the property is being used privately. Furthermore, young scholarship holders in the creative and artistic fields are also given the opportunity to stay. 



  • Type
    Historic Country Estate
  • Location
    Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Scope of Work
    Interior Architecture, Historical renovation, Furniture & Styling
  • Year
    2018 - 2021
  • Client
  • Partner
    Neon Deiss Architekten GmbH
    Bütikofer Schaffrath Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH
    Vollenweider Baurealisation GmbH
    Reflexion AG
    EBP Schweiz AG

«The breathtaking villa brings back the splendour of old world elegance and modern sophistication.»

Ina Rinderknecht

Our work – Interior Design

Every room in the house was carefully studied and developed under the surveillance of the cantonal preservation office. We had to work within a very strict framework in order to comply with the historical building guidelines. Meaning that we had to do an elaborate process/research on the original colors used. The commission also asked us to maintain certain wood works and historical floors. Some of the original wallpapers and upholstered walls (mainly on the ground floor of the villa) had to be first protected and then reupholstered. The preservation office also asked us to reuse some of the historical lamps.
Even though the historical framework was a given, we still had the freedom to design and develop in style with the art nouveau building.
We were also entrusted to furnish the entire property inside and outside. Our involvement entailed also the styling of all rooms. 

The Main Villa

The main villa with its stately entrance welcomes it’s guest with a hall and large staircase that are now adorned by hand-painted linen wall coverings produced exclusively by the well-known British wallpaper manufacturer de Gournay. The design portrays floral vines and birds and emphasize the country lifestyle. A made to measure carpet runner in a crème and raspberry pattern decorates and rounds off the ambiance of the otherwise sober wooden atmosphere.


«In close collaboration with the owners we selected the finest bedding items, kitchen- and dinnerware, decorative objects all the way down to choosing the perfect scent for the bath amenities.»

Gold Bar

The newly created golden bar in the former adjoining room of the dining room offers a variety of ways to spend time and celebrate social gatherings. In order to give this room a new function and meaning we created a free standing bar with a marble top, adapted the existing and protected built-in cabinets and changed the wallcovering to a brush stroke golden wallpaper.


«The bar has become a glamorous gathering point for welcoming guests.»

Master Suite & Guestrooms

The majestic villa is divided in two parts (villa and chauffeur house) and has a total of 13 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. 
In the main villa the master suite with a living room offers a generous bathroom and a spacious bedroom. 

«The final result is a cultivated place for work and recreation, elegantly combined with modern sophistication and perfection.»

We were able to restore the dignity and splendor of the estate in a planning and execution period of about 4 years. Our aim was to preserve the authentic historical essence of the estate, giving it an exclusive and timeless aesthetic while accommodating a modern lifestyle and creating moments of joy. 

The Bathrooms

The bathrooms were not included in the inventory, but in order to create a harmonious look and in the spirit of the old world charm, we reintroduced custom made concrete tiles for the flooring and art nouveau glazed tiles for the walls. The special size and shapes of the existing floor tiles were used as a base for the newly manufactured concrete tiles whereas the color scheme was adapted in accordance with the overall guestroom designs. A freestanding vanity offers all the amenities that a guest needs during their stay.

The wellness

In the basement there is a large wellness area connected with a steam bath with resting area and a fitness room, which is equipped with a checkroom. The spa area has a calming and rejuvenating character through the clarity of space and the use of natural materials. The accent walls are cladded with a soft beige, structured limestone Crema d’Orcia.

The chauffeur house

The chauffeur house accommodates many different functions on three floors. On the first floor, the former garage has been converted into a multifunctional seminar room, with access via a reception room with a bar. The bar front is uniquely designed using the family crest as a bas-relief. A separate meeting room allows meetings on a smaller scale. The associated sanitary rooms were built in the existing basement. Four additional guest rooms are located on the upper floor and attic above the seminar area, accessible via a separate entrance.

The northern part of the chauffeur house was converted into an apartment, which also extends over two floors. This apartment will be made available to the facility management team responsible for the operation and maintenance of the facility.



«We were a team of architects, landscape architects and interior architects working on this majestic property.»

The Garden

Bütikofer Schaffrath Landschaftsarchitekten were entrusted for the garden/park design and tennis court.

In the historical garden there is a small garden house, that has been completely renovated and partially remodeled. The woodwork was refreshed and some of the windows and doors were replaced.

The architectural garden was redesigned and expanded with a natural pool, tennis court and flower garden. The pool area includes a partially shaded sunbathing platform which is covered with local natural stone. Furthermore, a new pergola made of steel construction with outdoor furniture and barbecue area has been added, which invites for relaxation and enjoyment.



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