5* Hotel Storchen

Zurich, Switzerland

Within the heart of Zurich and on the river bank, lies one of the oldest Swiss hotels, namely the Hotel Storchen. A legendary icon and significant emblem of Swiss boutique luxury hotels.

We were entrusted to refurbish and rebrand this hotel from the ground up. The entire hotel underwent an extensive renovation and a re-branding from 4 to 5 stars. The extensive project included: refurbishment of 42 guestrooms and suites and all of the common areas, such as the lobby, reception area, bar, restaurant, smokers lounge and outdoor terraces.

A driving element in our design work was the stork itself. Embracing the hotel’s history, each room and floor features a one of a kind, custom-sized, large-scale handpainted artwork. The theme of the stork, along with sophisticated materials, finishes, warm fabrics and elegant architectural details, starts at the entrance of the hotel and continues through the public areas and the guest rooms. 

The public areas and guestrooms are a comfortable and charming blend of avant-garde design, with historically relevant and newly interpreted features, including marble floors, bronze elements, and custom furniture and lighting. Every aspect of the newly transformed Hotel Storchen, from the design and material selection, to the programmatic elements, is derived from the local context. 


  • Type
    5 Star Hotel
  • Location
    Zurich, Switzerland
  • Scope of Work
    Interior Architecture & Design, Styling and Design lead supervision
  • Year
  • Client
    Hotel Storchen AG
  • Partner
    Kate & Sam Lighting Design, London
    P. Meier & Partner AG
    Neumarkt 17 AG, Zurich
  • Photography
    Agi Simoes & Reto Guntli, Zürich

«The hotel is designed with an international sensibility –original and welcoming.»

Ina Rinderknecht

«The Storchen is a contemporary homage to the vibrant city of Zurich.»

Ina Rinderknecht

«The guestrooms are a comfortable and charming blend of avant-garde design.»

Ina Rinderknecht

«The Storchen now raises the bar when it comes to an authentic, guest-focused hospitality experience in the heart of Zurich.»

Ina Rinderknecht

«A place where everyone in town gathers to meet friends or make
new ones. A place for guests to relax or find a cozy corner to work.»

Ina Rinderknecht


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