Hilton Old Town

Antwerp, Belgium

We approach this old-world charm that lies in the heart of the historical center of Antwerp, not only as an architectural concept, but with a holistic vision. A vision created and catered to the hotel to ensure its success in the future. No matter the size, we consider it as a “Boutique” hotel, creating meaningful spaces and sparking emotions, a feeling that will ultimately evoke a strong sense of place with a distinct image. While following global trends, we strive to preserve, cherish and embrace its historical beauty, architecture and art.


  • Type
    Historical Hotel
  • Location
    Antwerp, Belgium
  • Scope of Work
    International competition - Full renovation
  • Year
  • Client
    IRET Development
  • Images & Copyright
    3D renderings & scetches by IR

The environmental qualities of a destination can impact the traveler’s experience profoundly. Thus, we pull ideas from its surroundings, its colors, its motifs, additionally with consideration of its historical and cultural background.

Ina Rinderknecht

The historical connection is relevant to the past, present and future. We go back in time, to glitzy and euphoric Art Nouveau and the beginning of the roaring Art Deco era, and re-imagine what the lifestyle at that moment in time would be like. Only then can we recreate and connect it to today and build for a better and more positive future.