1st September 2023

Ina Rinderknecht x Tai Ping

Our interior design studio, under the creative direction of Ina Rinderknecht, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Tai Ping, a distinguished bespoke carpet company. Together, we proudly present the exquisite Waterlily rug.

Ina's deep connection to her Asian roots serves as the foundation for this remarkable project. The Waterlily rug draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of traditional Chinese paintings, capturing the serene beauty of soft blue tones reflecting in tranquil waters, juxtaposed with the vibrant pink hues of waterlilies - an everlasting memory from Ina's childhood.

collaboration tai ping ina rinderknecht credit rinderknecht interior architecture_retouched

The careful creation of this rug reflects our commitment to excellence in both materials and techniques. We have paid close attention to the selection of premium materials, ensuring not only durability but also a wonderful tactile experience. Advanced techniques have been used to bring the intricate design to life, showcasing a perfect blend of artistry and craftsmanship.

By partnering with the foremost experts in the market, our collaboration with Tai Ping aims to deliver a product that surpasses expectations, setting a new standard in quality and sophistication.