6th November 2023

Ina Rinderknecht x Impact Acoustic

Embarking on an exciting journey with Impact Acoustic, we're thrilled to join forces and explore new horizons in product design. With our shared commitment to innovation and sustainability, we're set to redefine the future of acoustic solutions.


At the core of their innovations is the Archisonic Cotton material line, which can be used for partitions, ceiling structures, and more. This innovative product line, born from renewable materials in Italy, is available in 24 natural colors.


Ina Rinderknecht was immediately drawn to the soft colors which fall far from the typical industry colors of acoustic design. She immediately saw the potential to use this product in more elegant and innovative ways.


We are delighted to have the opportunity to be one of the first to craft a unique furniture piece using this revolutionary material - to show how the borders of functionality and creativity can combine to create a striking object of high performance - the very principles Impact Acoustic was founded upon.


We hope that this collaboration will lead to many other creative endeavours together and look forward to seeing how far Archisonic Cotton will influence the acoustic industry.