2nd November 2023

Hauser Design Day | Hospitality

Hauser Design invited us to give a speech with Paola Lenti at the Hauser Design Days on the topic of «Design Processes in the Hotel Industry», an event held on November 2nd at Hauser Design’s showroom in Freienbach, Switzerland. The occasion aimed to illuminate the design approach within the hospitality sector.

During the event, Hauser Design presented several «case histories» showcasing significant projects completed around the world. This included the prestigious Hotel Storchen in Zurich, for whom our studio was entrusted to refurbish and rebrand it from the ground up. The entire hotel underwent an extensive renovation and increased from 4 to 5 stars.

We were invited to share our design expertise, but it was truly an honor to share our creative process and innovative ideas with fellow design enthusiasts.

Read more about our work at the Hotel Storchen, Zurich.