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To create a one of a kind project that is contemporary and appropriate as well as sophisticated and timeless, we take a broader approach than just focusing on the interior. Our designs are born from our appreciation and respect of architecture, design, art, fashion, travel and historic structures. We believe that design really is in the details.

How we work

We work across all phases, starting from design vision to the detailed development of a project and to its execution.

Phase 1
Research and Ideation

The initial phase consists of gathering information and developing a profound understanding of our client's design goals. Our in-depth research helps us to outline the project parameters and to create a tailor made design for you. Through a collection of mood images, sketches and materials your design vision becomes alive. 

  •   story and mood board

Research and Ideation

Phase 2
Creative Exploration and Design Development

In this phase we expand our creative thinking into the three-dimensional design of the project. Every decision, from interior layouts and materials to furniture and lighting is made with your design parameters in mind. At this stage the most significant ideas are being further developed and refined into detailed concepts.

  • conceptual floorplans and elevations
  • three-dimensional renderings 
  • furniture selections 
  • material boards

Creative Exploration and Design Development

Phase 3
Design Concept Refinement

In this phase we will translate your feedback into our design concepts and interior renderings. Once we reviewed and implemented your input we will than develop the design concept into design intent drawings that convey your vision.

  • refined planning for all areas

Design Concept Refinement

Phase 4
Design Documentation

All of our creative ideas and planning is useless without proper execution. So at this point we ensure that every element of your design works. Once the final design is approved we prepare drawings and specifications to move the design forward for construction. 

  • construction drawings
  • material specifications 
  • sanitary specifications
  • ironmongery specifications 
  • FF+E specifications 

Design Documentation

Phase 5

At this stage of the project our documents are handed out, but our work doesn't stop here. We work closely with the executing architect and/or general contractor to ensure that your project meets our standard of excellence. We will monitor the construction progress and determine if it is translating well into the built environment.

  • review of shop drawings
  • review of prototypes
  • regular site visits to discover and solve problems 
  • furniture and decorative lighting installation
  • the finished project


Exclusive Range of Experts

With our partners we offer a wide range of services: architecture, furniture, lighting design, landscape, styling and accessorizing, branding and butler service