Ina Rinderknecht's first edition furniture pieces

Ina presents the first furniture collection called «Childhood memories of Asia». The first collection comprises dining tables and side tables in wood and stone/bronze pieces. In an inspiring and well-thought-out way, Ina applies the characteristics of a piece of art to the requirements of a piece of furniture. All pieces are based on the highest quality standards in both their materials and their form. Ina's innate love for details combined with a strong sensibility for perfectionism makes for a unique furniture collection.


Edition pieces in wood

The wooden tables are a part of the collection «Childhood Memories of Asia» and are handcrafted meticulously and in a traditional manner. Here the precision work closes the gap between conceptual design and traditional craftsmanship. The tables are constructed with plug-in connections that ask for utmost precision and are part of the overall aesthetic expression. The tables are made in the finest wooden finishes with Schotten & Hansen (Germany).

Dining table with bone travertine vessel
Dining table with bone travertine vessel

The light weight wooden tabel comes in varies sizes and in different wooden finishes. The center piece is a removable travertine vessel that decorates the table. The travertine bowl can also be used as a freestandling object d‘art. The table also comes with a stone top and a bronze base.

Dining table in Calacatta Borghini with bronze base at Villa Fernblick in Teufen, Switzerland

«Sunset»-Dining chairs by Times & Style 
«Gingko leave»-chandelier by Rosie Li 
«Bubbly»-Floor Lamps by Rosie Li

Cocktail Table, Side Table and Bench

The wooden table comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and X-Large. 


The finest craftsmenship went into the design and production of these unique stone and bronze pieces. 

Cherry Blossom Table

Reminiscent of the softest cherry blossoms, this sculptural piece of art serves as a pedestal for drinks or as a display table. Combining the sensual materials of rose onyx and a massive bronze base make for a statement piece. The «petals» come in various onyx colors.

Jade-Ring Tables

The jade-ring tables evoke childhood memories of Ina growing up in South Korea. Like the little jade gem rings and jade pendant disks she was wearing, this beautiful green onyx table brings back those memories. The green onyx disks (table tops) sit on a massive white block of marble. The shape of the base references the beautiful bells adorning Buddhist temples. Overall, a fine statement piece that is a reflection on Ina‘s childhood. The tables come in different onyx and travertine tops.

Jade Ring Side Table at Villa Fernblick in Teufen, Switzerland
Jade Ring Side Table at Villa Fernblick in Teufen, Switzerland


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