Art Deco Hotel Montana

Following the successful renovation of two floors of guestrooms (find out more), our client extended their trust to us for the comprehensive overhaul of the hotel's ground floor public spaces. Over the years, the historical essence of the building had been overshadowed by furniture from the 1990’s, diminishing its old-world glamour.

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Approaching the project with a discerning eye, we delicately peeled away layers to reveal the original structure, akin to a detective unraveling a mystery. 


Studying the colors and materials meticulously, we eliminated unnecessary clutter and crafted elegant, bespoke furniture for each room, thereby restoring and highlighting the timeless beauty of the spaces. A wonderful lighting concept enabled us to highlight the beautiful boiserie and marble panels.

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To maintain the original charm of the Art Nouveau building, we meticulously selected colors that harmoniously blended with the existing elements. Soft rose and aqua greens were chosen for the restaurant, both in fabrics and the marble used on the custom-made tables. 


The tone of the new furniture was inspired by the fireplace room with its rose-colored marble wall cladding and the dark green stone elements of the original fireplace. These tables feature a bronze base, a marble top, and a wooden structure—crafted as our own design pieces. Our custom benches gracefully integrate into niches, connecting the front room with the main marble hall.


A grand chandelier by Apparatus graces the restaurant, serving as a captivating centerpiece. The atmosphere is airy and fresh, decorated with subtle and calming colors.

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Whether in the restaurant or on the terrace, you can experience culinary delights with breathtaking views of Lake Lucerne, the majestic mountains of Central Switzerland and the charming old town of Lucerne


The Gault & Millau restaurant guide has rewarded its high level of quality and the warm and professional commitment of the service and kitchen team with 15 points for many years.

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The renovation of the ground floor included the primary restaurant, terrace, the bar lounge, the adjoining cigar lounge and the main reception area with bathrooms. By refreshing the intricate woodwork and marble walls, we were able to preserve the historical integrity of the rooms.

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The bar has undergone a remarkable transformation, featuring a new counter, backbar, and furniture. What was once gloomy and dark, now radiates a light and inviting feel, creating a more vibrant and appealing setting.


The smokers lounge exudes a darker, cozier ambiance, evoking a masculine touch through dark green, camel browns, and bronze accents. Custom-designed leather benches, tables, and a bar contribute to its distinctive look.


With a large number of different cigars and over 60 varieties of rum from Central and South America, the lounge offers one of the largest selections in Switzerland.

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4 Star Hotel

Lucerne, Switzerland

Scope of work
Renovation of Lobby and F&B Outlets


Hotel Montana AG

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